the bella band

My pants are definitely starting to get tighter. I can still button most of my pre-pregnancy jeans, but when I sit, the button presses against me uncomfortably. When I mentioned this to a friend who had her first baby in November, she brought down two Bella Bands from a plastic bin of maternity clothing she no longer needed.

What a life-saver! Now I can wear my pants unbuttoned without worrying that they will fall down. And I kind of like how I can pull the Bella Band up over my bulge because it smooths me out, sort of like Spanx.

The only annoying part is that is sometimes rides up the back when I bend over or get up from a seated position. I frequently have to readjust it. Still, for financial reasons, its better than having to buy maternity clothes right now, especially since I dont really think Im big enough for them yet.

When did you transition to maternity clothing?