plastic babies in cakes

JB and I met up with my mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law in New Orleans for a long weekend. It was my first time in the Big Easy, and I was excited to eat my way through the city. Im still daydreaming about the beignets and hot chocolate from Cafe du Monde

While we were there, we visited with family who live about an hour out of the city. After dinner, they served a traditional king cake for dessert. A king cake looks kind of like a bundt cake with purple, yellow and green icing, but inside there is a tiny, plastic baby waiting to be found. Whoever finds the baby has the privilege of hosting the next king cake party.

There were 10 of us at the table, and as we all got closer to finishing our slices, we began wondering where that dang baby was hiding. We laughed because we assumed it was in the sole piece that didnt get served what are the odds! until I took my next bite.

Yes, the only pregnant person at the table found the plastic baby in her piece of king cake.

We were hysterical. Literally, we had tears streaming down our cheeks from laughing so hard. It was a moment I think Ill remember for a long, long time.