its positive

On November 5th, JB and I bought a home pregnancy test at Walgreens with a $5 off coupon.

We both knew what the result would be before I even peed on the e.p.t. stick.

Starting in the middle of October, I began waking up in the middle of the night with terrible anxiety, unable to go back to sleep. Once I even ran to the toilet, convinced I was going to throw up. My first thought was that I was having morning sickness but in the middle of the night? I was also convinced that I could feel something going on down there, a cramping on my lower right side. And then there was the bloating and feeling fat.

But this was the first month we had tried to get pregnant. JB had only returned home from his deployment at the end of September. Didnt it take at least three months to conceive?

Apparently not.

The test was positive.

The plus sign appeared almost instantaneously. No need to wait the full two minutes.

I was really, really, really pregnant.

JB got teary-eyed. He couldnt stop smiling. I couldnt stop saying, Im totally freaking out! Im totally freaking out! He was so happy, and I was so overwhelmed with emotions. Fear. Disbelief. Joy. I knew from that moment that everything was going to change. Was I ready?