morning sickness is a misnomer

For most of the first trimester, Ive felt as if I were on a boat. Ive been experiencing constant nausea, as if I were seasick.

I had morning sickness for the first time just two days after taking the home pregnancy test. According to BabyCenter, morning sickness starts at about six weeks, which is wouldve been accurate. But morning sickness is a misnomer since you can feel nauseated at any time of the day. That morning it hit me in the parking lot of Whole Foods. I suddenly felt like I might vomit. It passed in about 20 minutes, but I still felt off kinda queasy all over.

When we got home, JB made me a can of chicken soup for lunch, but even after he doctored it up, it tasted so bland that I couldnt eat it. My cherry 7-up also tasted funny, like it was mostly soda water. It was as if my taste buds has stopped working. Luckily, they returned to normal by dinner.

Still, Ive spent most of the last month and a half on the couch eating saltines and drinking ginger ale. Ive had no appetite for anything sweet, and carbs seem to be the only thing to help with the nausea. I guess I should feel grateful that at least I havent been throwing up yet.